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Mystique Oil was founded in 2006 as central Connecticut's locally owned full-service oil company, offering everything from installs, basic maintenance, & emergency services in plumbing, A/C, gas, & oil heating. From day one the company offered an amazing array of products and services in what most people thought was the mature retail heating oil industry. We specialize in bringing home heating fuels to the public at prices at or below the competition. In addition, our service department is not afraid to quote prices here on-line as we have great service AND great prices! HOD#755

Senior Discount

Mystique Oil is pleased to be able to extend a senior discount on home heating oil of two cents ($0.02) per gallon to our valued customers that truly are age 65 or older.

Please make sure you indicate you are a senior at the time you place your order as we cannot make refunds later. Thank you!

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At Mystique Oil we do everything we can to help keep our prices low.  We have a low price for cash or check on delivery, and charge only five cents ($0.05) per gallon to help defray the cost of credit card processing. We do have to make enough to cover the cost of  the oil, employees, pay for the cost of delivery to your home or business and make a small piece for our families, but we keep our costs as low as possible so you will always feel like you got a good deal. We like it when we both win!

First Time Customers

At Mystique Oil we work hard to earn new customers through referrals from satisfied existing customers, the Internet, our advertising campaigns, and support of the local community. If you have just discovered Mystique Oil, please let us know how you found us (referral, radio, TV, newspaper, Internet or other means).

At Mystique Oil we are growing and expanding our services available to the public, now offering everything from installs and basic oil/gas service to plumbing and A/C work! 

Our efforts have been recognized by our customers in the form of a

four time winner of the

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The State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has commenced their seasonal survey of 'Connecticut Regional Retail Heating Oil Prices'. Mystique Oil's prices were actually at or below the 'low' surveyed prices for the Litchfield and Hartford regions. Now that's value!

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